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What is is a terms of service and privacy policy generator for websites, webapps, news platforms, ecommerce sites and blogs. It’s free to generate a simple Terms & Conditions document, covering compliance, usage, ownership, liability and governance concerns common to most websites.

We also offer basic and comprehensive privacy policy content, letting you generate a privacy policy written in plain English, suitable for a general audience. Our basic privacy policy covers general circumstances where users may be concerned about their personal information — we recommend this version for companies and websites who, for the most part, collect little to no information from their users; for example, personal or brochureware sites with, or without, a simple contact form.

Our comprehensive privacy policy template offers additional customisations for data logging, cookies, third-party services, children’s privacy and more, with further options specific to webapps, ecommerce sites, blogs and other use cases. We recommend this policy if you frequently collect and store information from your visitors.

We assume you have your users’ best interests at heart. We assume you comply with your local laws and regulations. Our generated terms of service and privacy policy statements assume you operate on the basis of typical, reasonable and fair use of information.

Use our simple form to generate a Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy statement, ready to adapt to your needs.

Humaan takes no responsibility for the use or actions taken based on the contents of this website and we encourage you to consult independent legal advice before publishing your generated policy, to ensure your specific circumstances and business practices are fully covered.