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Your privacy policy isn’t a document that you can set and forget: as mundane as it may be, your policy is a living document that must evolve with your business, website, and privacy law.

An outdated privacy policy is a dangerous thorn in the side of any business, particularly if a breach occurs or a customer discovers how their data might have been collected or used in new ways since your policy was written.

While privacy laws may not change that often, the introduction of the GDPR and CCPA in recent years shows how updates in regulations can render your privacy practices irrelevant, incomplete and non-compliant. What’s more, if you have a large team with different departments, it could be hard for everyone to keep track of all the small changes in data management practices and updates to your website or app.

To ensure you don’t miss anything that could leave your business exposed, we recommend reviewing your policy on a regular and scheduled basis with all relevant team members.

However slight the changes you implement, it’s important to update your policy and notify your customers of how these changes could impact their privacy. This typically involves preparing and publishing an updated version of your policy, plus notifying your customers about the key changes in effect.

Under most data protection laws, it’s a legal requirement to update customers about how their personal information is being used and get their informed consent to the new terms proposed in your policy. Be aware that some customers may reject your new policies and choose to exercise their right to opt-out.

For today’s consumers, online privacy is a hot-button issue and can make or break their trust in a business. To maintain good relationships with your customers, and to keep your business in the clear, we recommend setting aside time to regularly review your policy and maintain a proactive approach to legal compliance.

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