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“Super quick and just what I needed, didn't have to spend more than 5 minutes creating and deploying my privacy policy which is how it should be.”


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Tailor your Privacy Policy

Disclose that you automatically log "non-identifying" browser and visitor statistics.

Let users know your website collects data about their device, such as technical information and/or GPS data.

Types of information you ask for

Add your own

Let users know what type of personal information you collect.

Types of information you ask for
What you use personal information for:

Let users know your website connects to third-party services that may collect information

Include a standard Cookie Policy, explaining what cookies are and how they’re used on a website.

eg. user logins, account management

eg. analytics, visitor tracking

eg. language, timezone, enhanced content

eg. content partners, banner networks

Services aimed at children under the age of 13 are required to meet certain criteria that GetTerms is unable to cover.

Let users know where your data may be stored and/or processed.

Privacy Contact

Please supply the contact details that users may forward their privacy enquiries to:

Contact method for your Privacy Contact

DISCLAIMER: GetTerms policies are of a general nature. We encourage you to seek independent legal advice for adapting it to your own business practices. Being compliant with legislation means more than having a well-written privacy policy (learn more). GetTerms takes no responsibility for the use or actions taken, based on the contents of this website.

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