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Top 3 privacy risks of mobile apps


25 May 2020

Catherine Tan Product Manager

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While they’ve become a permanent fixture in our routines, smartphone apps harvest and hold reams of our personal data.

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What is a “third-party” service?


20 May 2020

Henry William Senior Product Manager

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Understanding the difference between first-party and third-party services is key when creating your website or app privacy policy.

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Does my website need a Terms of Service?


13 May 2020

Michael Rubin Policy Manager

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You’re not legally required to have a terms of service statement, but it’s a good idea to have one in place to protect your business and address user concerns.

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How do I report a privacy violation?


15 April 2020

Henry William Senior Product Manager

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At some point in the future, your personal information and privacy may be compromised or processed without your consent. But how can you report a privacy violation, and who is responsible for enforcing the law?

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