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Generating your GetTerms privacy policy is easy. Figuring out how to add it to your website? Not so easy, if you’re not used to updating websites yourself.

Depending on how your website is set up and managed, there are a couple of different ways you can publish your policy on your website.

First, download your privacy policy from GetTerms and read through it carefully. Is there anything more that needs to be added or tweaked before putting it up on your website?

This is important, as you’ll need to ensure your policy is as accurate and transparent as possible about the types of data your business collects, what you do with it and how you keep it safe.

If you used a website builder, there are a wealth of articles and knowledge bases which contain instructions on how to add a privacy policy through the platform:

If have a custom-built website, you can simply send your policy to your web developer and ask them to add it in for you. There are numerous sections on your website where you can display your privacy policy, but the simplest approach is to ask your developer to add it as a link in your website footer.

Wherever you choose to place your policy, it should be easily found and accessible to your users.

Looking for a free privacy policy generator?

Complete your website with our range of free privacy policy templates. Generate your website privacy policy.